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What’s In Spokane and Tips for Finding a Spokane Real Estate Agent

What’s In Spokane and Tips for Finding a Spokane Real Estate Agent

Moving can be a chaotic hassle and consistently listed as one of the most stressful things you can do in life. That’s one of the reasons why finding a qualified Spokane Real Estate Agent is important. A good realtor eases the stress and helps the process along without adding more chaos to the transition. Whether you’re moving within Spokane or checking out places in Washington to relocate to, qualified real estate agents help with both. 

Before we get to discuss things to look for when searching for a Spokane real estate agent, let’s go over why Spokane is a great option to explore when looking to relocate and the incredible sights to see. If you already know why and how Spokane is an awesome place to live, just scroll on past the next section. Unless, of course, you want to see if there is anything listed you didn’t know about previously. An area this active always has something new. It’s too bad only big cities get the reputation, but perhaps best-kept secrets are for the best. 

Let’s go over some of the incredible sights around Spokane before talking with a Spokane real estate agent.

Awesome Things to See in Spokane

Before we get started on some of the dazzling sites around Spokane, if you’re looking at the city as a candidate for relocation then take a look at our post titled 9 Reasons Moving to Spokane is Smart Move

That handy guide will give you an overview of why moving to Spokane is a smart move and discusses the shifting demographics of the area. Helps to take the guesswork and footwork out of looking around Spokane from a distance. 

Now to some of the must-see things around Spokane. 

1 Bing Crosby

Fan of the flick “White Christmas” or incredibly talented 20th-century stars? Spokane is home to Bing Crosby and the house museum celebrating him. Within the walls of the Gonzaga University-owned home, you’ll find over 200 of his possessions, including trophies, awards, his Oscar for “Going My Way”, and gold records he earned throughout his life. Pay your respects and enjoy a piece of celebrity history to the first multimedia star!

2 Centennial Trail

Famed 40-mile car-free trail bordering the Spokane River packs a lot of different sorts of excursions along the trail. On the Centennial Trail, you can go horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, biking, or just go for a quiet run. Being that the area crosses into the natural world, keep an eye out for black bears. They’ve been seen on occasion around the Centennial trail, but there are brochures available that let you know what to do in case you come across one. So, fret not!

3 Mount Spokane

The mountain may have been renamed in 1912, but it still houses incredible sights of Spokane Country. It should have an incredible view, it’s one of the tallest peaks in the Inland Northwest. Besides the scenery, you can go skiing, take a lift, go hiking, snowboarding, and hiking. Certainly a second home for the outdoor enthusiasts. 

4 Numerica Skyride

Listed in 2013 as one of the “To 12 Scenic Cable Rides in the World”, the Skyride gives riders views of the second-longest urban falls in the U.S., the art deco City Hall, the Spokane River, and the historic Monroe Stree bridge. If worried about the weather, don’t be. Everyone rides in an enclosed cabin with large windows so you don’t miss a thing. 

5 Manito Park

Since its founding in 1904, Manito Park has grown into a lush example of landscape architecture and diverse horticultural displays. The garden is made up of five major areas: the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden, Duncan Garden, Rose Hill, Lilac Garden, and Fenris Perennial Garden. The park itself is 78 acres with 20 of them being world-class botanical gardens. Within the park are some other treats you’ll often find listed as must-sees, including the Gaiser Conservatory.

Living Around the Sites

That’s only a handful of the many things to check out when moving to Spokane. Tripadvisor lists 15 and that’s still just scratching the surface. People who’ve lived in the area for quite some time still find adventures with friends and family. Don’t forget all the cultural activities, museums, shows, and events in Spokane. Though that’s a separate list that could easily make up a few articles. 

If that shortlist has tickled your fancy to possibly moving here, let’s lets take a look at choosing a Spokane real estate agent to help find a place to settle down in. 

What to Look for in a Spokane Realtor

Now that you know some of the great things to see in Spokane and, if you checked, the top 9 reasons to relocate to Spokane, we can get started on choosing a Spokane real estate agent. It’s always important to look for realtors in the area you’re interested in rather than asking the one you’re familiar with to take a look at another market. Just in case you were thinking about asking a real estate agent or broker you’ve worked with before. Which goes to the first point:

1  Do they Know the Area?

When you’re doing a search for real estate agents, always see the areas where they work. Different neighborhoods provide different advantages and disadvantages depending on the things you need. A single professional won’t be looking at the same things as a family or newlyweds. When you’re looking at different parts of Spokane and see an area you’re interested in, you’ll probably see specific real estate brokerage companies or realtors. 

2 Referrals and Reviews

Both good and bad news travels fast, especially in real estate. You wouldn’t try out a restaurant that had more bad reviews than good, right? Buying a house is one of the biggest things you’ll do in your life, so when looking for Spokane real estate agents, take a look at their reviews. If you’re moving to Spokane from out of state and want referrals, there are many neighborhood social media groups and apps to ask around. Real estate is one of those areas that you shouldn’t walk into blind or trust someone readily. 

3 What’s Their Specialty? 

Much like wanting to work with a Spokane real estate agent who is familiar with the area you’re interested in, you want to work with a realtor who is familiar with the kind of things you’re shopping for. You wouldn’t want to work with real estate agents who specialize in commercial properties or condos when looking for a home. If you know the kind of home you’re looking for, that’ll help you narrow down the kind of real estate agents you’re looking to work with. They’ll be more equipped to negotiate and find the kind of home you’ll want to live in. 

4 What’s Their Experience?

When you have a few Spokane real estate agent options lined up, reach out and chat with them. It’s important to ask them how long they’ve been buying and selling homes as well as what kind, as noted above. Ask for their average list-price-to-sale price ratio and how long it usually takes their clientele to find and close on a home. You want to choose a Spokane real estate agent who has a good track record that is timely, but not so rushed as they get crap deals. It’s a balance and one you can find by talking with the potential realtor as well as via referrals and reviews. 

5 Go With Your Gut

Once you’ve checked all the cold hard facts about potential Spokane real estate agents and talked with some of the prospects, the only thing left to do is to go with your gut. Instinct is a powerful thing and shouldn’t be dismissed, tempered with facts, but headed. Of course, you’ll also want to look at the contract you’d be signing with the realtor and get any questions you have answered as well. Though, at the end of the day, it comes down to how you feel about them. You’re choosing someone to trust and work with through a sometimes long and intimate process. After all, they’re helping you find a place where you’ll be spending a great deal of your life in. It’s a house where you’ll be making memories, potentially building a family, raising children, and sharing time with loved ones. 

Moving with a Spokane Real Estate Agent

While there is only a handful of great things to see and do in Spokane, there are many more sites to check out and explore. That area of Washington is filled with incredible outdoor adventures, boundless culture, and events that rival the metropolises dotting the country. 

If that’s the kind of city that you’d want to relocate to, now you’re equipped with a few tricks to find a qualified Spokane real estate agent. In fact, you’re already on the website of one. Rich King has over 22 years in sales prior to becoming a realtor and has closed over 110 transactions in the past three and a half years. We’re currently among the top one-percent of producers in the region and close on 5 homes a month on average in 2020. 

We’re committed to a stress-free, positive, and profitable real estate transaction whether you’re relocating to Spokane or moving down the road. Take a look at our past clientele’s testimonials, the communities we work in, and how we can help clear the chaos of moving. 

Till we talk again!



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