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“My parents recommended Rich King to us after he sold their home. Rich was nothing but excellent with us every step of the way through the process of buying our first home. He met with us before even searching for a home and explained in great detail what finding a home would entail. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the real estate market, giving us a comprehensive understanding of our options. He also provided us with advice on how to best negotiate with the sellers, which was instrumental in helping us get the home we wanted. Rich cared so much about us finding our first home that he talked us out of a few homes, explaining that we may not like some of the features and he worried about our happiness inside of our first home. Rich wanted nothing more than for us to find the perfect home for our family. I plan on using Rich again when we go to sell in the future. Regardless how busy he is, Rich always answered our questions in a timely manner and always had our back.”

Derek & Kylie Boles. Spokane, WA


“We both sold a house and bought a house with Rich’s help. He provided great information about selling, specifically about the price point, and was supportive through our multi-year process as we decided what we wanted to do! He gave good advice about how to get the house ready for sale and was meticulous in helping us move through the paperwork. And when we were ready to buy, we were excited that Rich was on board to help us sort through many houses.  When we found the one, he helped us to negotiate a fair purchase price and get us to closing.

One thing we’ve really appreciated about Rich is how he goes above and beyond to help out. In the case of our new house, the previous owners left it a mess, yet Rich was there the day we moved in, with his pickup truck, loading it up with stuff and taking multiple trips to the dump! He also paid for a professional house cleaner to leave the place sparkling for us when we moved in. In every way, Rich is a professional and goes the full nine yards to make sure his clients are taken care of and have the best experience. We got great service, and made a friend, too. Thank you, Rich!”

Bill Aal & Elle McSharry. Spokane, WA


“Rich King sold my home last summer during a difficult transitional time in my life, and it was the best experience I have ever had. Rich will not just serve as your real estate agent, he will also become a coveted and generous friend that keeps on giving long after your business with him appears to be finished. Rich conducts a raffle that includes any of his clients who have made referrals to him. The winner of the raffle receives a free trip to Maui. Sound too good to be true? Trust me….it’s the real deal because I just returned from a beautiful trip to Maui after winning the raffle. If you need a real estate professional; or a friend; or an inspiration….call Rich King.”

Jeff E. Spokane, WA


“When one goes to buy a home, they usually do not have a list of realtors they know personally. You pick one and hope for the best. We got extremely lucky to find one we could trust and who gave that extra effort to help us through the process. There were some unusual requests from the lending agency that delayed things a bit, Rich stepped up to keep an eye on the house until we got things worked out.

Knowing that someone has your back takes a lot of pressure out of the home buying process. Rich was there with support and helpful suggestions that made the process so much more bearable. It’s good to have found a friend in the business. He was there for us and helped get us our home. Integrity is priceless in what can be a stressful business. Rich made it so much smoother.”

Bill Barton, Spokane Valley, WA


“I first became aware of Rich King from receiving his mailed quarterly newsletter, West Valley LIVING.  It was my impression that he had expert knowledge regarding real estate, particularly in our community, and he was willing to go the extra mile for his clients.  Therefore, when it was time for me to sell my home, I contacted him.

When we met together, Rich showed me that he not only knew the Northwood neighborhood really well, he had been in and done a CMA on my house for the previous owners.  So, he came to our first meeting with a market analysis and a strategy for the sale of the property.  I was very impressed by his thoroughness in preparing the documents and explaining them so clearly to me.  We signed a listing agreement and soon thereafter I left for international travel in December.  Within two weeks he prepared the home for sale, listed it, and had a buyer for the house who made a wonderful offer.  Rich even arranged for snow removal while I was away and even paid for it!  It was that simple.  At each step of the process Rich made a personal video for me explaining what was going to happen next and what was needed from me.  So, even though I was out of the country, I was well informed and had no worries because Rich really took care of everything.

The whole process was smooth, fast, and I thank Rich and his assistant Colby for their professionalism, caring, and understanding.  I highly recommend Rich King Real Estate.  I am absolutely certain that you will be another happy customer.”

Soraya Aragundi, Ecuador


“Rich King was recommended to me by a family friend after my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away, and I needed to sell my childhood family home. In the midst of the terrible grief, the chaos, and the tremendous stress I was under, Rich came in and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

I had an entire house full of a lifetime of hoarded family stuff that I needed to get rid of before we could list, and Rich said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Every time something came up that I either couldn’t handle, or was too emotionally fragile to face, Rich said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

And he did. Every. Single. Time.

Like an angel of mercy Rich cleaned and prepped the home for sale (I live 5 hours away), took care of all aspects of the home sale (closing FAR above the asking price or appraisal), and dealt with my emotional fragility like a professional counselor. He is not only the finest real estate agent I’ve ever met, he’s one of the finest human beings I’ve ever met, and I would now trust him with my life.

If you are fortunate enough to get to work with Rich King, he will change your life for the better. Thank you for all you did for me, Rich!”

Rusty Knorr, North Bend, WA


“My experience with Rich during the recent sale of my home was excellent. Professional, detail-oriented, dedicated, thorough, and highly knowledgeable are just some of the adjectives I use when discussing Rich. The sale of my home involved some unexpected last-minute frustrations during the closing process, all of which Rich handled gracefully, promptly, and efficiently.  He was consistently in contact with me and responded to my questions at any time during the night or day. Rich has superior knowledge of the real estate market and uses the most current data to advise his clients using the most favorable and realistic pricing strategies. His assistant was also excellent and efficient in keeping all the details and timelines coordinated.  Rich is the agent you want for all your real estate endeavors…don’t bother searching for anyone else.”

Jeff Edwards, Spokane, WA


“From the first phone conversation with Rich King, we knew we had found the right Realtor.  Rich had great advice from the start, even before we told him that we decided to hire him.  He listened carefully to everything we needed.  Rich has the experience, patience and knowledge for any situation, and we needed all of his expertise due to several unexpected twists and complications.  But, while we were stressed due to some delays caused by another party with a home we were selling in another state, and at times when we thought it might cause us to lose the home we were trying to purchase in Spokane, Rich handled everything like the professional that he is.  We never felt pressured by Rich and he was always available when we needed him.  If you are looking for a great real estate agent in the Spokane area, look no further.  Rich King is the right agent.  And his value lives up to his name!”

Lenny & Allie Hall, Spokane


“Integrity, service, and wisdom are three themes I would highlight when describing our real estate transaction with Rich King Real Estate. My husband and I have purchased and sold many homes. Our recent sale with Rich King was by far the most stress free and pleasant. Communication was excellent. Rich took the time to understand our needs and concerns. He truly cares for his clients and their unique circumstances. Rich went above and beyond the norm to assist us in preparing our property for sale. Our home sold quickly and for a fantastic price thanks to the expertise and advice Rich provided. I would highly recommend Rich King and his real estate team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

Phillip & Amber Wright, ID


“I was in a situation to sell a home quickly and feel extremely fortunate to have met Rich King and his assistant Colby.  He was able to walk me through the process of what to expect and was very knowledgeable regarding how to sell the property as well as how to determine its value.  He helped me to stage the property, connected me with resources to do some minimal repairs, and paid for cleaning. The house sold so quickly (2 days) that I was in a situation of where to move.  Rich and Colby were extremely supportive in helping to watch the market and find places while I was working full time.  They assisted far above and beyond their role offering support all the way through the purchase of my new home.  I really couldn’t have made this transition without their support and expertise, and would highly recommend them.”

Aimee Wallace  Spokane, WA


“Rich King blew away our expectations as a seller’s agent. Professional, old fashioned, straight-forward kind of guy that brings strategy and tactic to selling a home. He was able to value our home $50k more than other agents. If that doesn’t show how vital experience is, than I don’t know what does. His experience was indispensable during the appraisal process, which came in at what he said and he never had a doubt that it wouldn’t. From listing to closing, it was an astounding 22 days!

Selling a home can be a stressful process. In our case, selling a home from out of state can be even more stressful. However, Rich and his team ensured everything went smooth for us. I highly encourage you to reach out to Rich King to represent you during your buying/selling process. He will not disappoint. If we ever move back to Spokane, he will be our go to guy.”

Aaron & Kycia Warren, Mountain Home, ID


“We just completed the sale of a house in Spokane Valley with Rich King and I was blown away by his performance as our listing agent.  We had a unique situation in the family that required Rich to interface with several family members throughout the sale process.  Everyone in the family was pleased with their interaction with Rich and they trusted his expertise.  He’s really down to earth and his calm manor makes it easy to talk with him.  I was most impressed by his deep knowledge of the local market.  His attention to detail should be a role model for all of us and his willingness to go over and above to help us out was greatly appreciated by the family.  It was clear to me that Rich really cared about the people involved in this sale.  That, for me, is his greatest strength.  I’m a Realtor in Florida and all I can say right now is that Rich is probably the best Realtor that I’ve ever worked with.  If I have the opportunity to do more real estate business in Spokane, I will definitely call Rich to be ‘on the team’ again! ”

Marc Wallis, Gibsonton, FL


“Rich has represented us in buying two properties in Spokane over the last few years and we fully intend to close more deals with him in the future. I’ve referred several friends and family members to Rich knowing that he is the consummate professional. He is quick to respond, honest, and effective. Working with Rich has completely demystified the entire real estate buying/selling process as he makes sure to personally walk us through each of the steps despite moving as quickly and deliberately as possible to stay competitive in this current market. On a personal note, after working with and knowing Rich for a few years I am happy to call him a friend and confidant. He is a kind, generous, patient, and witty man that I consider the best ambassador for Spokane as so many newcomers are considering a move to this little corner of the Inland Northwest.”

Brian O’Donovan, Spokane, WA


“My brother and I decided to sell a rental property we had owned for a number of years. The interior was in pretty sad shape but we were willing to invest the elbow grease to maximize the sale of the property.  I was impressed from the beginning with Rich’s knowledge of the area and his overview of the market. After a walkthrough we had a concrete plan to boost our sales potential. He nailed it, had nine offers within 3 days of listing. Rich carefully explained all the offers and helped us make the best choice. Actually sold for more than it was listed for. Went smoothly from there and closed quickly.  Rich made the entire process easy and was always quick to respond to our questions and/or needs.  Thanks again Rich, you made the entire process enjoyable.”

Mark Rehn, Spokane, WA


“As a first-time home-buyer, I knew almost nothing about the process. Rich King was the first Realtor I contacted, but he was so transparent and informative that he was the only one I needed. He was beyond helpful and explained the details about the process and introduced me to a reliable lender. From there, Rich kept in contact with me about homes that might work for me and we were able to schedule a viewing. One of the biggest things I appreciated most from Rich was that when he spoke about the processes of home buying, he didn’t speak to my significant other or family members. He spoke directly to me, the customer. In this competitive market, I was doubtful that my offer would be accepted. But what I think really sealed the deal was having a great Realtor write a compelling offer and vouch for me as a great, reliable buyer. We got the house and the whole process was made so easy by Rich. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in the Spokane area, I highly recommend that you hire Rich King!”

Brynn Tennyson, Spokane, WA


“I was thrilled with how the sale went.  It was less than a month from first meeting with Rich to closing and cash in hand.  He was sensitive to our particular needs by speaking to my ex husband and myself separately and was a blessing in all regards. He answered all my questions -immediately- and kept me abreast of progress.   His sales strategy could not have been better.  He was a pleasure to deal with and got us top dollar.  I will absolutely recommend him to friends and family.”

Stormi Joachim, Spokane, WA


“Rich King is one of the best realtors that I’ve worked with and certainly the best we’ve found in the Spokane area. We have had bad experiences with other people in the past, whether its trying to push you to buy a home or giving poor advice, or not advocating on your behalf – we’ve experienced it all.

Rich is very personable, honest, hard working, and very responsive to all questions and needs. It’s very obvious by his performance and the amount of client growth over the past few years that he is very hard working and exceptional at what he does.  He was always there when we had a question and went out of his way to help us find the home we wanted. He was never pushy and always had our best interests in mind. I would certainly ask for his help again if we were ever to either buy or sell a home in the future.”

Yiping Li & Joy Tang, Spokane, WA


“Trust, confidence, and great communication. Just a few of the many great traits that Rich King possesses.

When I decided to put my house on the market and buy a new one, Rich provided me with experience and confidence. He explained in detail what I could expect. Not only that, he found the perfect home for me. (It was the second one he showed me!) Throughout the entire process, he was a call, text, or email away. (I seriously do not think the man ever takes a break.) As a single woman without anyone to bounce ideas off, Rich was always there to answer my questions. He also went as far as taking money off his commission to get me into my new house on time.

I would recommend Rich and his assistant Rocki to anyone that is in the market for Real Estate. It was truly a great experience!”

Mindy Shulkin, Spokane, WA


“Annette and I chose Rich King Real Estate to both sell our Northwood home and assist our purchase of a new home that met our “downsizing” needs. We based that decision on several factors: detailed knowledge of the Northwood housing market; sales acumen; and, a personal approach to detail that generated the trust factor we needed. We don’t anticipate selling our new home any time soon but, if we did, we would choose Rich King and Carli Riordan, his associate, to handle the transaction.”

Dusty & Annette Moller, Spokane, WA


“Rich started as our Realtor and ended as our friend.  He made a potentially stressful event smooth and relatively easy.  He was always available even when on vacation.  The quality of his listing description and video of our house were exceptional.  And this is the opinion of a retired realtor, me. Rich provided us with materials listing everything he would do for us.  We did not wonder what next steps were or what we had to do.  If we still lived in the area and wanted to buy and sell a house, we would work with Rich again without hesitation.  We would also recommend him to our friends and family in the area who need a realtor.”

Judith Broverman & Marji Mitchell, Arizona


“Rich was an absolute pleasure to work with and really came through big time! I was hesitant to list my property due to the time of year, but Rich assured me it wouldn’t be an issue. Boy was he right. After arranging for the carpet cleaning, house deep clean and staging, we were able to get a full price offer after being on the market for less than 48 hours! Closed in less than 30 days too! Rich was informative throughout the whole process and answered every question. He even helped me personally with the final cleaning before turning over the keys and offered to hold on to a few items I accidentally left behind until I came back in town. First class. Would definitely recommend Rich to anyone looking to sell a home in the Spokane area.

Nick Grasso, Boston, MA


“I had just accepted a job at WSU after having been at my alma mater, Notre Dame, for 10 years and I needed to find a good home for my family…fast! Thank God for Rich King! My wife and I felt very comfortable and confident with Rich right from the very beginning and we made an offer on a house having only seen it through Rich’s eyes…and we love it! Rich isn’t just a trusted realtor, he and his wife, Mary-Pat, have become good friends of ours.”

George Keegan, South Bend, IN


“Our experience buying and selling with Rich King was better than we had ever thought possible! He was professional, courteous, understanding and helped us navigate through our many options to find a home that was just the right fit for our family! Character is important to our family, and we wanted someone to walk us through this process with honesty and integrity. I would not hesitate to buy or sell with Rich again! Not only did he help us sell our home, but helped us buy a home and close both on the same day! Our previous home was on the market for 25 hours before we got the offer we accepted. No one will work harder to help you sell quickly and buy intelligently.”

Chuck & Becky Evans, Spokane, WA


“My wife and I began thinking about selling our home last September. It was 3400+ sq ft and we only lived in half of it. We had seen Rich’s advertisements around town and decided to give him a try. We are so glad we did! He came to our house and we began the process of getting the house ready to sell with some ideas from Rich. Rich then came up with a selling price. We never thought we would get that much for the house, but it sold for full price the first weekend it went on the market in October. Rich did a great job of marketing the home on several different platforms. Our buyers came from the Tri-Cities. After our house sold Rich assisted us in finding a new home. We looked at several builders but ended up selecting Hayden Homes to build for us at the recommendation of Rich. We are very pleased with the results! Through the process, Rich was always accessible by text, email, or phone. He’s very patient and explains things well. He was also our go-between with the buyer’s agent and did an excellent job.

We would highly recommend Rich to assist in buying or selling a home.”

Greg & Audrey McCoy, Spokane, WA


“I needed to list my home during the height of the pandemic in 2020. I had lived in my home for 17 years, raised my daughter there, and have numerous friends I consider family in Spokane. Deciding to move was a tough decision and listing my sweet house that I loved so much was not easy. Rich assured me that things would still be fine and he made me aware of the things I needed to do AND didn’t need to do to get my home market-ready. I relocated upon listing my home, leaving Rich at the helm. Numerous problems came up with the house that required attention and Rich took care of them. To say he went above and beyond would be an understatement. Every step of the way, Rich kept me in the loop all the way in Arizona! Rich is not only the one you want as your real estate agent, he is one you want to consider a friend. Ethically and morally, Rich is a good person who will do the right thing for you in buying or selling a home.  Thank you again, Rich!”

Andria Ratliff, Tucson, Arizona


“In early October, my family and I began contemplating selling our home in the Pasadena Park neighborhood. We had remembered Rich King stopping by our home previously to introduce himself and discuss real estate. We weren’t in the market at that point, but over the years we had continued received mailings from Rich. This made it easy for Rich to be our first call when we decided to explore it more intently. Rich set an appointment, showed up, evaluated our home and helped us put together a strategy and price that helped us meet our goals. Thanks to Rich’s effective marketing plan, our home was only on the market for around 5 days. Rich and Carli ensured that we were aware of showings and gave us plenty of notice during the short time on the market. Once an offer was accepted, they helped us move through the process in a stress-free way. Rich and Carli were always available to answer questions, explain documents and provide guidance. They helped ease our minds when working through inspections, appraisals and closing. After all was said and done, I can say that this was a great experience. When the time comes for my family and I to pursue our next home purchase, Rich King Real Estate will be the first call that I make.”

Ed & Amanda Bedell, Spokane, WA


“Rich King is one of the most thorough people I’ve ever met. He knows his stuff and he is also compassionate and gracious towards his customers and clients with his knowledge. He uses what he knows to guide a client step by step through the ups and downs of the home selling process. If you are looking for a VERY dependable, VERY ethical, and VERY hard-working agent that will get the job done, call Rich King.”

Jonah & Carly Lanclos, New Orleans, LA


“My experience with Rich King as my seller’s real estate agent was entirely positive, from beginning to end. I interviewed three potential agents to list my beautiful home in Northwood. Rich did his homework and convinced me that he could get a very good price for it. In fact, it was $50,000 more than the other two agents. And he delivered; the house did sell at this higher price, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rich also helped me navigate the ins and outs of an estate sale, and donating large items that I was unable to sell. He did an excellent job of staging the home, and he convinced me to do some updating of fixtures, floors, etc. But when I said that something was just too much, he repeated his oft-used phrase – “I work for you.”

If I have real estate needs in the greater Spokane area, I will definitely go back to Rich. I recommend that you do the same.”

Bruce Kuennen, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


“We knew of Rich King before he became our Real Estate Agent. His reputation and presence in our area was well known. We never considered any other agent but Rich, and it proved to be a very wise choice.

I believe the two things that stand out the most with Rich are honesty and hard work although he has many other great qualities. He also spends lots of his own money promoting properties when he has no guarantee of ever getting anything back on his investment.

We had to move out of our home before it sold and Rich took responsibility for the property like it was his own. He checked on it all the time and made sure it was in perfect condition for showing. Every suggestion he made in reference to presenting our house the best was correct. Conversely more of my ideas were wrong! I am so thankful for Rich’s knowledge and professionalism.

In our lifetime we have sold 8 homes. All of those experiences with Realtors before this one were mixed, some good and some bad. None were anything like the great experience we had working with Rich. As “maturity” is catching up with us, we decided to move from Spokane to Corvallis Oregon to be closer to our kids. I really wish we were moving to the Spokane and our kids were there. That way we could continue our friendship with Rich King!

One more thing: Carli Riordan, Rich’s assistant, is also amazing! She reported to us on every showing and kept us informed on the real estate market. She is smart, articulate and really knows her “stuff”. Most importantly she is very nice!”

Frank & Gail Wiprud, Corvallis, Oregon


“Rich and Carli were consummate professionals throughout the listing and selling process, and always responsive to questions or concerns that arose. The presentation of the property was first rate, both in person and online. Closing was incredibly simple. Throughout the process, RIch and Carli respected my unique preferences, and remained in constant contact. Both were always available when needed. I could not be more pleased with the effort and the results of working with Rich King Real Estate.”

Craig Gracyalny, Spokane


“As we were soon relocating out of the Spokane area, we weren’t sure who to speak to about listing our much-loved home. On the same day that we saw a Rich King Real Estate sign in our neighborhood, we spoke to a friend who recommended him as well. He was listing her home and she trusted him completely. We met with Rich soon after and were blown away by his knowledge of the area market and his professionalism. We hired Rich to list our home at a price he recommended due to his analysis which was above what we had anticipated. We received a first-day offer which we accepted! Rich and his awesome team (extra kudos to Carli) worked with us every step of the way, from the beginning through closing (just 30 days later). Rich also went above and beyond, checking in on our house after we moved out of the area, until the new owners took possession. We highly recommend Rich King and are so thankful that we found him!”

Dave & Kelli Schreiner, Kennewick


“We met Rich King when he knocked on our door and said he had just sold a home in our area. After talking with Rich, it became apparent that he was a seasoned Realtor. He met with my husband and I the next day. Rich was not aware that we had previously had our house on the market. We told him that we had met with another agent and that we had made an offer on a senior duplex, but it was rejected. We were so disappointed! We told Rich what we were looking for and he understood. And when we found another one similar, but better, he knew exactly what he had to do to get us in that new home–and he succeeded! Rich has the knowledge, maturity, and experience of having been in the business of selling for more than 20 years. When it came to selling our house, we had two offers within 8 hours. Rich knows homes and has the expertise to make things happen. Even when we hit a ‘hiccup’ during a transaction, he came through with flying colors. He never dropped the ball and that is why we are in the home of our dreams. He was always actively looking out for us. He is extremely knowledgeable in all phases of buying and selling real estate and keeps his clients abreast of what was happening through the entire process. We would highly recommend Rich!”

Jim & Jeri McGuire, Spokane


“We recently bought our dream home thanks to Rich and his team. They are patient and professional. We toured several beautiful homes before finding our gem. Rich handled the complexities of a FSBO and us being in and out of state flawlessly. The purchase process was easy and transparent. Rich also introduced us to several great restaurants and the college sports culture of Spokane. We are super excited to move up and live in our Washington State dream home. Thanks Rich!”

Troy & Mary Trimble, Spokane


“Rich King and Carli Riordan were absolutely fantastic to work with! They were timely in their responses and always updated me with what was going on. Even if one of them was out of the office, they referred me to the other teammate to answer the questions I had. Being my first time purchasing a house, I was pretty anxious to find out about the process and what was needed to make it happen. I was given every opportunity to review every line of every contract with Rich, even as late as 10PM one night. I cannot stress enough how helpful everyone was and make my home buying experience an absolute treasure. Start to finish was a little over a month and I got my new keys today! Thank you guys so much for the help and I recommend anyone to reach out to Rich King Real Estate when they’re looking to buy or sell their next home!”

Taylor Navin, Spokane


“I highly recommend Rich King Real Estate Services. Rich represented our family in two commercial purchases within 12 months of each other that have subsequently become our retirement income. In the process he also steered us away from a bad deal which I am eternally grateful. He was able to do this because of his extensive knowledge of the area and products. You can’t go wrong with Rich’s services!”

Joe Gately, Loon Lake


“We are very thankful that we had Rich to help us sell our home, as well as buy our new home! He always put our needs before anything else and worked very hard to make sure we got the house we wanted. He is quick to reply, patient, honest & very professional!”

Connie Veselits, Spokane


“Rich King is a great realtor! I give him the highest rating someone can receive. He first introduced himself when we had a garage sale. He gave us a business card and said he would like to be our realtor. There was sincerity and authenticity in his way, without a hard, aggressive sell. Rich was friendly and personable. He took the time to listen and find out what our needs and goals were. He worked with us to produce an asking price based on data from a formula that considered many factors, including recent neighborhood sales, square footage, house features and amenities, and sale price relative to tax value. He made himself available during times that I know were inconvenient to he and his family…including multiple phone calls and visits on Memorial Day weekend, dinner time, and Hoopfest. When we received offers, he gave us the time we needed to thoroughly review them, answer all questions, and structure successful counter offers. He continued to be there every step of the way—from the agreement of sale, through the signing, and the closing. He was patient, understanding and empathetic to us as we were also in the process of buying a home out of town at the same time we were selling our Spokane home, which was stressful. Working with Rich was one of the best decisions we made and was one of the best working relationships or experiences we have ever had. We have the deepest respect for Rich. I highly recommend him to be your realtor.”

Jeff Bresnahan & Lisa Machado, Santa Maria, CA


“I have purchased 9 units in total through Rich King. He’s professional, responsive, and works incredibly hard to find the type of properties I am looking to add into my portfolio in Spokane and the surrounding area. He’s the best realtor in the region and you will not regret working with him.”

Dean Rogers, Tokyo, Japan


“We moved to Spokane in August of 2017. Shortly thereafter we met up with Rich King of Rich King Real Estate. We can’t imagine having chosen a better real estate agent. Rich patiently stuck with us through a tough seller’s market, regularly taking us out over the course of seven or eight months, guiding us through the process of finding the kind of home we envisioned, never losing patience. He was always upbeat, kind, professional, and fun to be with. Perhaps most importantly, he seemed, without fail, to sincerely place our interests first, and despite the extensive hours of time that he gave, over those months, without a “sale.” We never once felt any pressure from him to “make an offer.” There were, indeed, a few homes we might well have purchased, but which we decided to forego after considering Rich’s honest opinion about the drawbacks of those properties. By the time we found our home (one beyond our initial hopes or expectations) in the Five Mile area, we had come to consider Rich not just a real estate expert, but also a friend. We enthusiastically recommend Rich King to anyone looking for a home in the wonderful city of Spokane.”

Kent Johnson, Spokane


“We were very grateful for the providence of God that connected us to Rich King. He was everything we could have hoped for, and much more, as we searched for a realtor in Spokane. Our situation was a bit unusual as we only had one day to look at housing possibilities and then returned to our work overseas. Rich looked out for our best interests and even found a new and better condo than the one we initially made an offer on. He didn’t have to do that. Rich is a terrific example of serving people. In fact, I would say that is the real business he is in, not real estate. We really can’t say enough good things about Rich’s personal and professional service. He is the kind of person you hope you get to do business with – personable, timely and helpful communication, willing to go the extra mile, making money is secondary to being helpful to people. I’m sure that is a main reason he is such a successful realtor.”

Joel & Sue Garrison, Spokane


“Rich King sells homes! Truer words have never been spoken! Rich and Colby helped navigate us through our home sale in the dead of Winter. That’s right, folks, winter cold and snow! While there were the usual hiccups and detours along the way, Rich King Real Estate did exactly what they promised.”

Gary & Jann Van Velson, St. George, UT


“Above and beyond.” This describes the wonderful service Rich King provided us throughout the sale of our home. Rich spent countless hours making multiple market analyses for us. He provided us with all the facts, gave us his professional opinion, but never pressured us in making a decision one way or the other with the repairs we chose to make. We are beyond pleased with the service that Rich has provided to us. There is no way the sale of our home could have happened as quickly or efficiently without Rich going above and beyond. We truly do believe he is the best Spokane has to offer and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

Hannah Osborne, Kennewick


“From day one we felt totally confident working with Rich and there was such a profound level of comfort and trust with him. When you’re dealing with something this major in life, knowing you’re in the best hands is an invaluable feeling. There were some major repairs that needed to happen on the home we made an offer and we ended up negotiating with the sellers. Rich really shines in this area with his thought process around making an offer and his counter offer strategy. He has a tremendous attention to detail and is incredibly thorough. He also caught typo’s in some of the paperwork during the closing procedures that ultimately saved us from wasting time and from encountering any major headaches. We love our new home and are extremely grateful to have had Rich as our Realtor. We simply cannot sing his praises enough!”

Mike & Kerry Darrington, Portland


“We decided to invest some of our retirement money into real estate here in Spokane because the market has performed steadily since the mortgage fiasco of 2008. So, we consulted with Rich King to find out more about income-producing property opportunities in the area. Rich’s knowledge of that space is thorough and insightful because he has been working with several other investors both local and overseas. After showing us several properties, we made an offer on a single-family home and went under contract. Despite the fact that we were on our way to closing, Rich found an even better investment property for us and he used a contingency loophole to get us out of the first property’s contract. Long story short, Rich took us through the entire process and to a successful close on that property. After completing several projects on the house, it’s now one of the best properties in the neighborhood and an excellent investment.”

Bill & Shelli Peterson, Spokane