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Welcome to West Valley

West Valley is my personal favorite part of the Spokane region.  Over the past 27+ years I’ve raised a family here while my wife, Mary-Pat, and I have become deeply embedded into this community.  “Community” is more than just a word to West Valley residents as generation after generation have remained in the area (some in the same homes) with great pride.

West Valley Community

In the early 1920s when the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene Electric Railway station and Inland Empire Paper mill were established here along the Spokane River, the city of Millwood was born. 

Orchard Avenue, Pasadena Park, and Northwood neighborhoods have also emerged over time to help West Valley grow into one of the most desirable communities in the region. 

The neighborhoods that make up West Valley are Millwood, Northwood, Orchard Avenue, and Pasadena Park.

Public and Private Schools:  West Valley School District, Spokane Christian Academy


Learn more about our historic Millwood home renovation and click on Spokane + Coeur D’Alene Living Magazine below to read the feature on our home!

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