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Company Relocation Services

“Good is the enemy of great.” – James C. Collins, Author, Good To Great

Great companies employ great people and provide job opportunities and services that foster gratifying work environments and employee retention. Many of those experiences involve relocations that start with smooth, warm onboardings and end with appreciative, helpful departures.

Rich King Real Estate can help.

As your preferred partner, we can be an extension of your company’s superior service commitment to your employees and provide expert relocation services when needed.

As a Top 1% Realtor in our region (out of 2,500+ agents), we help dozens of families make highly organized, stress-free, and rather enjoyable moves to and from Spokane each year. With our overwhelming familiarity of the region, our impressive relocation assistance connections, and our superior expertise in handling profitable real estate transactions, your incoming and departing personnel can expect nothing short of a “white glove” relocation experience.

Our Services

Home Finding Services

Finding the right home, in the right neighborhood, with the necessary amenities, is what we help our clients do. We know the Spokane market intimately and, with some detailed guidance, we can help your inbound Buyer employees successfully find and buy their next home here at the best price and terms possible. They can expect a memorable, stress-free experience.

Rental Home or Temporary Housing Assistance

If buying a home is not the most viable housing option upon arriving in Spokane, we have excellent relationships with the area’s leading property management companies that are experts in the rental and short-term housing markets. They can skillfully search vacancies among their own inventory as well the many other cooperating management companies in town.

Mortgage Loan Services

While the mortgage loan industry is extraordinarily competitive, many of their products, services, and interest rate offerings are very comparable. Then what makes the difference between a superb mortgage transaction and a dreadful experience? The Loan Officer. People make the greatest difference in a service experience. Our preferred lending partners have proven time and time again to be the most active, experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable in the industry. They are an integral player on our team (Buyers, Realtor, Loan Officer). So, we would be very pleased to connect your Buyer employees to the very best Loan Officers, if desired.

The Financial Incentives

In addition to the aforementioned first-rate services, we are prepared to offer even more attractive financial incentives to your people to demonstrate that generosity is prominent among your company’s values.

Please contact us today at 509-703-8187 or fill out the form below to schedule an appointment where we can discuss how Rich King Real Estate can complement your organization’s current employee relocation protocols at no cost to your firm.

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