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Are You Looking to Sell Your Spokane Area Home?

It’s an overwhelming ordeal for Sellers. Not for us.

Looking to sell a home in Spokane? Selling perhaps the most valuable asset you own should not be taken lightly. And unless you’re a licensed, experienced RealtorⓇ, having a go at it yourself could likely expose you to any number of liabilities that could cost you time, money and stress.

We manage over 50 transactions per year. That means we get a lot of reps from which we’ve learned and now employ valuation and selling strategies that work and that produce the best outcomes for our Sellers. In short, we’ll sell your home quickly, get you the best possible price and terms, and we’ll protect you from the stresses that come from real estate transactions. That’s the Rich King Way.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our client testimonials.

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