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Do You Really Need To Hire A Listing Agent For Selling Your Home?

Do You Really Need To Hire A Listing Agent For Selling Your Home?

A listing agent, also acknowledged as a seller’s agent, addresses the seller in a property offer — they list the house available for sale. Their responsibility is to set a competitive cost for the home and later welcome potential buyers to show around the property. While it’s clearly understandable to sell a house without one, working with a listing agent gives you access to their market expertise and knowledge on the local real estate market. They have the latest and point by point data on the offers of similar properties in your area, which enables them to competitively value your home.

As soon as you’ve set a cost, listing agents effectively start marketing the property. They’ll help stage and style the property to introduce it in its best light, and even hire skilled photographer to take top notch pictures of the house. Listing agents not just show the home and hold open houses, however they help assess potential buyers also, ensuring that you get just competitive offers.

When an offer is received, the listing agent walks the seller through it, helping handle any paperwork and eventually bringing on the offer to a close. For these services, listing agents typically charge about a 3 percent commission on the offer cost.

Do you truly require one (or the other?)

You can surely go house hunting or put up a “for sale” sign all alone, yet considering an expert’s help and guidance ensures benefits. At times, it could even be essential: Some listing agents will simply acknowledge offers from a potential buyer’s agent or representative.

If you’re keen on working with a listing or selling agent, interview different agents and request references from previous clients. Taking adequate time to find the right agent could help you understand your home’s best worth, or get you the offer your property deserves.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Listing Agent?

Selling a home can be daunting, particularly for first-time sellers. A listing agent can help by taking on a part of the process and giving the data and budgets expected to help sellers settle on informed choices. Let’s take a look at the top benefits hiring a listing agent offers during the process of your ‘home sale’.

  • Arrange effective meetings between seller and potential buyer
  • Decide an asking cost for the home
  • Market and sell your home
  • Plan and conduct open houses
  • Communicate and negotiate with potential buyers and their agents on your behalf

Rich King Real Estate is an experienced listing services providers, catering to the needs of all sorts of property sellers in Spokane areas. Thus, if you have been considering putting your home up for sale, it’s advisable to hire a listing agent, such as skilled and experienced as Rich King Real Estate listing agents.



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