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A Few Tips When you Want to Sell Your Spokane, WA Home?

A Few Tips When you Want to Sell Your Spokane, WA Home?

Want to Sell Your Spokane, WA Home?

Selling your house is one of the most stressful roads to walk down. It’s probably the most valuable asset you have, and if you’re not well versed in real estate, then it can be even more of a bumpy ride. That’s why having a licensed and experienced Spokane realtor is critical to have while selling your house.

There is much more to selling your house than finding someone willing to pay your asking price. If you’re new to selling real estate and think not using an experienced realtor will save you cash on fees and commissions, you’ll probably end up paying more than you would to a realtor. 

We manage nearly 50 real estate transactions per year, so we’ve garnered a lot of experience. Our aim is always to produce the best possible outcomes for our Sellers. That’s the Rich King Way: Selling your home quickly, the best possible price and terms, while smoothing over that bumpy real estate road and protecting you from the stress that comes from it.

Please don’t take our word for it; let’s look at some of the reasons why having an experienced realtor to sell your Spokane home is one of the best decisions you can make in real estate.

Make Real Estate Convenient

Let’s face it; selling your home isn’t the most convenient process in the world. Making time to show your house, negotiate the selling price, negotiating offers, paperwork up the wazoo, and talking with other people’s realtors. One of the upsides to having an experienced real estate agent to help sell your home in Spokane, WA, is that they handle all those things for you. 

Spokane Washington Experience

You’re looking at your neighborhood as a resident, which is perfectly fine till you’re selling your house. The same place looks different to people depending on their point of view. For example, an electric worker and internet technician will look at the neighborhood differently than a realtor or resident. You don’t look around your area and think of zoning, ordinances, market prices, and trends do you? 

You may, on occasion, but an experienced Spokane realtor perceives neighborhoods that way much of the time, and so, they have a trained eye that you can benefit immensely from. 

Selling Experience

Would you instead brush up on your medical knowledge when sick or see a doctor? While it may not be the same, hiring a realtor to help sell your home in Spokane, WA, is like making a similar decision. Selling your home is one of the most complicated things you’ll ever do, and having experience in the real estate process can save you from a lot of headaches that aren’t necessary. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by reading a few blogs on selling your house; get yourself someone who has studied it. 

Save Time and Cash

Time is the one thing we can’t make more of, so it makes more sense to save your time by hiring a Spokane realtor to help you sell your house fast rather than get bogged down in all the legal stuff. Think about all that goes into how to sell your home in Spokane, WA. The negotiating, the listings, the home inspections, the paperwork…oh, yes. You cannot forget about the mountains of paperwork, and if you get one thing wrong, you just wasted buckets of time. 

Selling your house can be expensive if you’re not familiar with all the ins and outs of real estate. Many people want to sell their own home because they think they’ll save cash by skipping out on commissions. Whatever you do keep will be quickly eclipsed by fees and, perhaps, lowering your selling price too much. Sometimes saving money and time is working with someone who has the skills to help you do so.

Networking Spokane

Selling your house isn’t just between a buyer and a seller, even if realtors are there on both sides. There are quite a few other professionals involved, sometimes mandated by the state. When looking to sell your home in Spokane, WA, you’ll want someone by your side who has networked around for a smoother sale. 

Networking, in any profession, isn’t about getting friendly favors. It makes everyone’s job more comfortable when they know someone in a trade that helps them do their job. Need a home inspector? Your realtor probably knows one. Need someone to help with the landscaping? Your real estate agent probably knows a few good contractors. Your realtor probably knows the Buyer’s realtor too, which can give you great insight. Hiring a real estate agent isn’t just taking the work off your hands; it’s plugging you into professionals who can help you sell fast and get more cash. 

Closing Well

You may think the deal is done after closing on real estate, but they’re quite a few boxes to check off the list before you can rest easy. Working with a realtor means you get a guide with tax assessments, transfer tax, doc stamps, or any questions you may have during and after the closing process. Oh yes, it is a process and one that impacts other areas of your life financially. There is a lot to do after the closing process is completed. Many sellers are distracted by the excitement of selling the house. Who could blame them? It is exciting! So, be excited and have someone help you navigate closing so you can celebrate. 


Your home is unique. It’s where you lived many great memories, built a life, perhaps raised your children, so when it’s time to put a price on to sell your home in Spokane, WA, it can be difficult to set those things aside. You’re not putting a price on the things that happened while living there or what your home means to you, and a real estate agent can help you separate that from your asking price. 

Many people find it difficult when someone puts an offer on a home that isn’t the price you set. Selling your home can be a very emotional process, and having an objective pair of eyes can get your more cash or a better sale than your emotional ties will. 

Future Real Estate

Connecting with a realtor when selling your house is only the first step in your professional relationship. If you’re happy with their job and happy with the sale, then you don’t need to look any further when you want to buy a house or sell another. It’s like having a good doctor or dentist or hairstylist; you find a professional you work well with, then you have one for life. 

Certainly better to have a bud in the business that you trust than go through one every time.

Sell My House Fast Spokane!

And that’s what we do here at Rich King Real Estate. We invest in selling your house fast, get the best offer we can for you, and take the stress off your shoulders. 

The first step is getting to know you and how we can help sell your house. Fill out the contact boxes below, and let’s get to how we can sell your home in Spokane, WA. 



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