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The Do’s and Don’t to Selling Your House Fast in Spokane

The Do’s and Don’t to Selling Your House Fast in Spokane

No one wants their house on the market for months and months or be stuck in a home you’re no longer wanting to live in. It’s no wonder that so many people look to search engines and enter “how to sell my house fast in Spokane”, who would want a quick exit? Whether you’re selling your own home or looking for a realtor to help you along, there are things you can do to ensure you can sell a house fast in Spokane.

That’s what will be covered here. A few things to do and not to do in order to get your home in the hands of new owners as soon as possible. No, it isn’t slashing your asking price to the bare minimum or cutting a few repair corners. It boils down to investing your time into the sale and the buyer so you can invest in a new house.

What are things to do to Sell my House Fast in Spokane?

Let’s start with things to do rather than things to avoid. Always better to begin with positive action than looking at things to avoid. These are simple things anyone can do, whether they’re prowling the internet around “how to sell my house fast in Spokane” or anywhere else. 

Nothing here is complicated, though some of the suggestions will cost some money. Then again, selling your home requires a bit more cash from you before walking away with dough. Remember to look at these recommendations as a way to more quickly leave your home as well as a way to increase what money you get.


We’re sure you keep a clean house, but there is a difference between clean while living there and clean to present to others. Everyone is more judgemental when shopping and while that doesn’t say anything about you personally, it’s simply showing off for the shopper and buyer. So, make sure that before you do a showing you go the extra mile and keep your home as spotless as possible. You’re showing potential buyers a dream house, so make it look dreamy. 

Hire an Agent

If you’re entering into the various search engines “sell my house fast in Spokane”, you’re probably considering selling your house yourself. While it’s certainly your prerogative to do that, it’s usually the commission a realtor gets that is the biggest hurdle for hiring one. It’s an understandable concern, who wants to part with more money when you’re trying to make it from your house? 

The issue with not in hiring a realtor is that you’re likely to spend more than their commission on other parts of the house selling process. There are a lot of legal ins and outs, tricks to the trade, and professionals that need to be hired. It’s also important to note that every mistake in paperwork or mishap in the selling process is a costly one. Better to pay an agent than pay more for learning while you go. 

Stage for the Sell

Buyer’s eyes are the first thing you’re appealing to when investigating how to sell a house fast in Spokane, or anywhere else. If you’re unfamiliar with what staging is, here is a quick definition. Staging is setting up one room to look bigger and have it designed to highlight your home’s best features. That means your things are likely going into storage or being placed elsewhere. Your whole house wouldn’t be staged, likely just one room.

Another thing you can do to enhance the visual appeal of your home to prospective buyers is curb appeal. Spend some time to make sure your hedges are neat, plant a flower bed, and manicure the lawn. It’s the little things that catch someone’s eye, so don’t discount them. Half of selling something is making it appealing.

Pretty Pictures

Speaking of making your home appealing, don’t just take random photos of your home. It’s better to hire a photographer who is familiar with taking real estate photos. This is another perk of working with an agent, they’ll likely have one for you to use for your listing. 

Presentation is a big help to sell your house fast in Spokane. It’s worth the extra cash to hire a photographer. 

When to Sell

You may be ready to sell your Spokane home fast, but that doesn’t mean the market or the buyers are. Another perk of having an agent is that they can guide you as to when it’s best to list your home. Don’t let that get you down though, that just gets you more time to prep for when you can get a better price as well as more potential buyers. 

Think of selling a house as like selling anything else. Would you open a bathing suit store in winter? Absolutely not. Use that time to prepare for when you can quickly sell the house. 

What are things not to do to Sell my House Fast in Spokane?

Now that you’re prepared for the “how to sell my house fast in Spokane” question, let’s move on to some things you do not want to do. A lot of people new to selling their home will make at least one of these mistakes, and it’s a sure-fire way to keep your home listed longer than you’d like to. 

Just as before, these are simple things to avoid. Don’t feel bad if you’ve already made one of these mistakes, almost everyone does, especially when they’re selling their home themselves. A good realtor will help you avoid these little pitfalls though. Just another perk to hiring a real estate agent. 

Hiding Problems

It’s never good to hide any repairs or issues with your home because if the prospective buyer catches it, and they will, your deal is likely to fall through. Problems with your home aren’t barriers to selling, they’re negotiating points. The main reason why a potential buyer is likely to find any issues is because of the home inspection, and those people don’t miss a thing. 

Repair what you can and be honest about what needs updating or fixing up. You may not get the price you’re asking for, but you’re less likely to lose the sale as well. 

Not Being a Good Host

Ever experience a rude or uncooperative salesperson while shopping? Made you not want to buy anything or go back, right? Well, if you’re looking to sell it simple in Spokane, being a good host is likely to help. Try and accommodate times when prospective buyers want to see your home and make sure to tidy up beforehand. Be pleasant and cordial, even if you have a realtor there doing the talking for you. If you’re home, you’re a part of the buyer’s decision-making process. 

Shotty Photos

It’s mentioned again because a lot of potential buyers look at homes online and as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Having poor photos up that don’t capture all the great things about your home is helping to make sure you won’t sell your house fast. In fact, those photos are likely to make people scroll right past your listing. Even if you have the best home on the market, take the time to capture great photos or, better yet, hire a photographer that is familiar with real estate shots. You’re more likely to sell your home and, if everything else falls into place, cover the cost of one in the sale. 

Clinging to the Price

Everyone wants to get their asking price and every seller believes that is what their house is worth. If you want to turn the “sell my house fast in Spokane” search query into reality, you cannot cling to that number. Your listing price is just the beginning of a negotiation. This is where a realtor can help significantly. They’ll know how to negotiate with other realtors, what you can reasonably expect, and protect you from going too low. 

Sell my House Fast Spokane!

These simple tips and tricks will help move your home off the market faster and ensure you get every cent you’re able to. While some may cost a little more time and money than you’d like, selling your home is an investment all its own. 

So, take the extra time to spruce up the house, find a good realtor that works for your interests, and make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions. We know how to sell it simple in Spokane, just check out this video and see for yourself:




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