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Property Search By Mortgage Range

Property Search By Mortgage Range

With the shift towards higher mortgage rates this past year, it can be more difficult to find the right price range for a home that allows you to stay within a specific mortgage range. To make the search easier, we have broken down a property search by mortgage range. Click below to find all homes available within the mortgage range you are looking for!

Monthly Mortgage: below $1000

Monthly Mortgage: $1,000 – $ 1,800

Monthly Mortgage: $1,800 – $2,500

Monthly Mortgage: $2,500 – $3,200

Monthly Mortgage: $3,200 – $4,000

Monthly Mortgage: above $4,000

*This is an estimate based on today’s average mortgage rate of 7.49% for a conventional 30-year fixed mortgage with a 10% down payment and a good credit score. For exact mortgage rates, please contact us at 509-703-8187 or fill out the form below!

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