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9 Reasons Moving to Spokane is Smart Move

9 Reasons Moving to Spokane is Smart Move

A lot of people are relocating right now. It seems this is the time to explore a new place and settle in a new home, which is why so many are moving to Spokane. Well, there are plenty of reasons why people are looking up a Spokane relocation guide and making moving plans. It’s a wonderful place to call home. If you look at the way demographics are going, it’s almost like some of the neighboring cities and states are emptying out. There is a trend of people moving to Spokane from Seattle and moving to Spokane from California.

Let’s go over some of the reasons people are making the jump to this neck of Washington. 

1 The Housing Market 

First off, let’s talk about good housing prices. The average single-family home in Spokane is $280,000. Of course, it depends on the neighborhood and the kind of home, but a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house around $300,000? That’s quite a deal. Let’s look at it another way–the same sized house on average in other cities:

  • Seattle: $939,500
  • Portland: $650,000
  • Bay Area: $1,100,000

If that’s not enough of a reason to move yet, don’t worry, there’s more!

2 Outdoor Hikes

Washington state is a gorgeous place and Spokane is no different. The thing about the city is the wilderness trails through it. There are gorgeous walks no matter where you’re going. It’s almost like being on an extremely easy and beautiful hike whether you’re going to the grocery store or to Dick’s for a whammy burger.

3 Ski Around

If you’re an outdoors lover, you’ll be happy to hear about one major perk for moving to Spokane: the skiing. Within an hour and a half of downtown Spokane, there are 5 ski resorts. The winters are pretty mild in this area of Washington, but the mountains have their own rules. When it comes to the end of November to late March, make sure to check out the slopes in the area

4 Land of Lakes

Sure, Wisconsin and Michigan claim the lakes title, but Spokane has several stunning bodies of water as well. Boating is a big deal in the area and you’d better be prepared with nice bathing suits when moving to Spokane. There are literally hundreds of lakes within a two-hour drive from the downtown area. You could hang at a different lake every day of summer!

5 Microbrew O’Plenty

Got a thing for craft beers and brew culture? It’s not just Portland that can boast about their breweries. Moving to Spokane comes with 28 microbreweries. The town may not be known for excellent beers, but BeerTownUSA still took notice and wrote a review for what the city had to offer. There is even an ale trail where you can chug along to different microbreweries. That trail is a must when planning your move to Spokane.

6 Cost of Living

The cost of living is an important factor when thinking about moving to Spokane, or anywhere really. For Spokane, the cost of living is four percent lower than the national average. This means you’re going to find living is cheaper on top of the bigger homes with more space, all the while surrounded by culture and incredible landscapes. Nice bang for your buck, huh?

7 Destination Central

If you’re fond of road trips and quick getaways, moving to Spokane comes with a few other places in the mix. You’re only an hour away from Silverwood theme park, hundreds of wineries, the route of the Hiawatha trail, the Colville National Forest, the Dry Falls, and much more. Moving to Spokane means near endless opportunities for incredible day trips and weekend excursions, like going to the Crawford State Park Heritage Site. While the home and town itself are beautiful, who doesn’t like to get away?

8 The 4 Seasons

Winter may not be everyone’s favorite time of year, but they probably haven’t gone skiing yet either. Moving to Spokane means you’re getting a

This town is such a tourist destination it deserves to be its own pro for moving to Spokane. You’re only a thirty-minute drive from Coeur D’Alene and all the luxury lakeside resorts they have. You can take the Brooks Seaplane tour, catch the parasailing enthusiasts (and maybe become one yourself), a Lake Coeur d’Alene cruise, perhaps walk the Centennial Trail, or take the family to the Adventure Center.  

You’re basically living next to one of the biggest destination spots with none of the vacation travel headaches others have to deal with. Treat yourself to Coeur d’Alene while enjoying the move to Spokane.

Move to Spokane

If you’re not convinced that moving to Spokane is a great idea, then perhaps a quick visit will change your mind. Moving anywhere is stressful and gets the nerves going, but Spokane is well worth the headache as you can see. It’s a wonderful town with great people, surrounded by a stunning landscape, and a cornucopia of exciting things to do. Hopefully, you’ll soon be able to say howdy neighbor when out and about from your new home.



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