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How Fast Are Homes Selling In Spokane?

How Fast Are Homes Selling In Spokane?

Perhaps you own an unwanted property in Spokane, Washington? Holding onto it might be a costly mistake.

Consider the house you own in Spokane, Wa. If you stay there, does it meet all of your demands, or can you find something else that makes more sense? Perhaps you are questioning the investment property you possess. What is the real reason why you still hold onto it? Quite frankly, hesitating to sell your troublesome house or holding onto the wrong property for a long while can have a few negative consequences. So, why shouldn’t you wait to sell your home in Spokane, and what should you do instead?

In this post, we’ll discuss how keeping the wrong property will eventually end up costing you a huge fortune, it will bring you nothing but stress, and it will ultimately waste your time. Why is it a new thing to find homes selling in my area? Let’s start with looking into several reasons why you need to sell your Spokane home right now!

The Value Might Drop

It can be quite challenging to identify what effect will be experienced on home values considering the instability of the present economy. Some professionals are even predicting a recession, and this might mean that your home’s value will go down. Several months from now you might not have the same pool of buyers as you got today. So, by waiting to sell your property in Spokane, you might miss out on selling. This might leave you stuck with a home in Spokane that you don’t want to own anymore. In other words, you will be kicking yourself in case you pass on selling your property today rather than down the road. Fortunately, Rich King Real Estate is paying great prices for properties in Spokane which may get you out of your troublesome property to avoid finding yourself stuck.

It Will Waste Your Time

Generally speaking, you can tell you own the wrong property handling the high-maintenance demands of the house or if you spend hours making necessary repairs. Perhaps you have a large yard, and you’re tired of mowing the lawn every Sunday. Or maybe you have realized that your rental property is in frequent need of your attention. Maintenance and repairs have become so time-consuming and tedious that possessing your property doesn’t make sense anymore.

It Will Cost You Money

Dollar Bills

It shouldn’t be a surprise to say that holding onto the troublesome house will cost you a fortune. Some people are actually dealing with a mortgage that they’re unable to pay. For others, they own a rental that isn’t performing or is sitting vacant. Other people hold onto a home that is falling apart, just because moving out has always seemed not an option. Regardless of why you feel the need to hang on to it, keeping a house you do not want is like hemorrhaging money or throwing it down the drain. Regularly paying a mortgage for a troublesome property, or spending all of your additional cash on repairs is NOT any way to live.

You’ll Be Uncomfortable

Perhaps your house is too small? Do the kids share rooms? Are you experiencing a lack of privacy, and feel like everyone is always on top of one another? Perhaps your home is too big and you no don’t need all of the extra space anymore. That’s right, your large property might have even become burdensome. The exciting part is that there’s no rule stating you have to stay in your home. In case you aren’t completely satisfied and comfortable with your home, now might be the right time to sell! Avoid paying for a house that is not working for you. You can get a free offer for your Spokane home today!

You Might Miss Out on a Real Opportunity

Another considerable factor is that when you’re stuck with the burdensome house in Spokane, it might prevent you from another opportunity or investment that might be better for you. You could even see your dream home hit the market or find another investment property that could be ideal for you. What’s more, with your money tied up in your troublesome property, you might not be able to acquire financing for the house you really desire, and you might not be in a position to pay for both properties at the same time.

You Will Become Frustrated

Man Feeling Frustrated

Undoubtedly, when something is wasting your money and time, you’ll certainly become frustrated by that situation. Why would you put yourself in such a situation when you do not need to be. It is always an option to sell your house. More often than not, it would be best to end the stress and continue with something that will work best for you. If you choose to work with Rich King Real Estate, we’ll offer you a decent price and a quick closing, doing away with your frustrations almost instantly.

Why are there many homes selling in my area? How can you be part of it? There are all kinds of tips and advice from many “experts” regarding how to sell your home and sell it quickly. Sometimes the advice may sound good, and other times it appears quite bizarre. However, when you distill down all those tips and advice to their basic essence, you’ll have much of the same thing across the board. In general, the basic strategies and tactics haven’t changed that much over time. What are some of the proven tips when it comes to home selling in my area?

Get the Price Right

Quite frankly, this tip for selling your home in Spokane Valley Market is one you can find everywhere since it is vital. Price too low, and you will end up losing funds and cause numerous buyers to think there’s something wrong with the property. On the other hand, if the price is too high, you might risk your house languishing on the market, which again causes buyers to think there’s something wrong. Therefore, get the right price before you list it.

Work on Curb Appeal

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so get it right. Improving the curb appeal will make selling your Spokane house much easier. Once buyers show up to your house, your yard is the first thing they see. Therefore, take the time to do some cleanup, painting, and repair.

Don’t Forget Millennials

You can find a new wave of home buyers with pretty specific requirements and interests. Millennials are generally the 20-30 age group and, by the end of 2018, they’re estimated to make up 43% of house buyers taking out a mortgage. In fact, they are the largest buying group nationwide. However, you need to bear in mind that although they are going for the suburbs, they are mostly searching for smaller houses that satisfy but don’t surpass their needs.

Go for a Pre-inspection

Most buyers today are opting for move-in-ready, turnkey houses. With a pre-inspection, they will have peace of mind that’s exactly what they’re getting. And since people’s lives are becoming increasingly busier, whatever you could do to make purchasing your house easier will make it more appealing to buyers.

Consider Smart Home Features

For some time now, these smart home features have become a big draw in selling your home in Spokane. Since most buyers already own the smart home gadgets they’d like to install, you need to ensure that your system is broadly compatible.

Make It Look Its Best

Since you understand that selling your home in Spokane can be a challenging task, why would you make it any more difficult by abandoning your home’s appearance? It has a few broad aspects: cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging. The primary objective is to make your property as inviting and attractive as possible to hit the right emotional chords when it comes to buyers. An experienced staging company should work wonders with your property.

Make Minor Upgrades

Home Upgrades

In general, minor upgrades can make your home far more appealing to buyers. Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton of money. The bathroom and the kitchen will be the most crucial areas here. Therefore, you could install new fixtures in the bathroom or new countertops in the kitchen.

Erase Your Personality

To make selling your home in Spokane much easier, ensure that you get rid of anything and everything that seems to imprint your personality on it. These might include things like putting away all the weird knick-knacks and pulling down family photos. It would be better for buyers to be able to envision your property as their home.

Market Aggressively

Although your agent will always market your house, you should as well. You’ll need all the exposure possible for selling your home in Spokane at the cost you desire. Craigslist, flyers, for-sale signs, virtual tours, online venues, – all these work to some extent, so don’t avoid any of them.

Sweeten the Deal

Undoubtedly, reciprocity works! Therefore ensure to sweeten your deal with add-ons and extras. A buyer will most probably make an offer if they think they are getting something out of that deal too.

Selling your Spokane house doesn’t need to be an impossibly challenging task if you simply bear in mind and use these tips. There’s still a lot you can do to sell your property at a good price. In fact, you can sell your home without sinking any more cash into it.

But how?

Selling Your Spokane Home Without Spending Any More Cash Into It

Why are there so many homes selling in my area? 

There are numerous reasons that homeowners are considering selling their spokane properties, usually drastic life changes, e.g., death or divorce, which might leave many homeowners thinking of walking away without turning back. With low-interest rates, it’s the right time for them to look for a new place they can call home. Some sellers have inherited a house that they either don’t have the money or time for rehabilitating and lack interest in living in that house. Sadly, some sellers can’t afford the upkeep or their monthly mortgage anymore and are prepared to sell the house fast. To prevent foreclosure proceedings, a quick sale is important. Regardless of your reason, we’ll explore how you can sell your Spokane home without sinking any more cash into it.

Sell Your House As-Is

One way to sell your Spokane home without sinking any more cash into it is to state that your house is listed in as-is condition. Most home buyers are searching for houses being sold as-is, since they know it will mostly be an investment that demands less cash, to buy at a lower price. In real estate, any qualified agent will advise you to disclose all known problems with that property. And although you can make that statement, and present your property with this condition, buyers might still ask for an inspection. What’s more, you’re still at legal risk when it comes to issues that might come up after the house has sold, despite if you were not aware of them.

Renovation Loans

You might choose to list the home yourself or hire a real estate agent for the job. Either way, mentioning renovation loans when it comes to your marketing might is crucial if you’re planning to sell your Spokane house without sinking any more cash into it. Typically, these programs have restrictions in terms of the borrower’s credit and the viability of the projections the restoration will have on the property’s value once completed unlike the amount being requested. You should be cautious of bright-eyed new buyers who are not ready to see the deal through and usually end up pulling out.

Lower Asking Price

This is another way to avoid sinking any more money into your Spokane house when you decide to sell it – ask a fairly lower cost than similar properties. Sellers will mostly add room for negotiations in counteroffers. If you’re calculating your numbers, don’t forget to incorporate the costs of sitting in your house at a higher cost for a relatively longer duration. Similarly, think about the possibilities of paying for two homes if you’re selling because of forced relocation. Considering the quick pace of today’s market, it would be best to avoid playing games with the sales cost. If you begin with your real asking cost, there’s a high chance of quickly attracting more buyers.

Show That House

Home Showings

It might be discomforting to let strangers stroll through your house. However, showings cannot be avoided in the listing process. And although it can be quite frustrating to regularly have your property prepared for a parade of showings, the daily effort is worth it in the long term. Being highly flexible when it comes to your home’s availability for showings is another sure method to sell your Spokane house without spending any more money on it. Agents usually find buyers who are prepared to buy right away, hearing there exists a one-day grace period for the residents to be somewhere else or to get everything ready, which might be a turn-off for that sale. And even if you don’t like it, your willingness to open your property to prospective buyers at a short notice will certainly give you the upper hand in terms of competing with other listings available.

You can go for the risks of selling as-is, reducing your listing price, and ultimately hoping your property doesn’t sit on the market and manage showings, or better yet, you could sell directly to Rich King Real Estate! 

We always offer a fair price, won’t need to be concerned about cleaning your home, or even be inconvenienced by showings. You can simply walk away! Rich King Real Estate offers you a guaranteed closing date, typically in 30 days or less. Our professional team knows all of the risks that come with buying your house as-is. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about any surprises concerning disclosure! So, what’s the right way to sell your Spokane house without sinking any more cash into it? Sell directly to Rich King Real Estate.  Send us an email or call us today at (509) 703-8187 to learn more about what we can offer you!

Selling Your Home With Rich King Real Estate

Quite frankly, getting the most for your house means doing much more than installing a “For Sale” sign out front. Since we live in a competitive market whereby new houses for sale are added every day, your listing has to be seen in many places to stand out. At times, the right buyer is waiting in another country, or out of state. To ensure your house becomes noticed, consider working with Rich King Real Estate. It might mean the difference between having no sale, and the actual payoff you have been waiting for.

Why are homes selling in my area considering Rich King Real Estate?

Top Reasons to Choose Us

  • Get your house listed and talked about every place, not only in the local paper but also on your street.
  • Take advantage of a custom marketing plan.
  • Have all the paperwork handled for you.
  • Negotiate with the assistance of a qualified real estate team.
  • Attract many buyers through the Internet.

As your real estate team in Spokane, we’ll come up with a custom marketing strategy at a decent cost. A well-priced house will sell in a relatively shorter period and net the seller a substantially higher sales cost in the long term. Our comparative market analysis typically considers the most recent sales and listings throughout your area. These might include houses still on the market, and expired listings. When it comes to marketing your house, we also create a listing that focuses on your property’s unique and attractive elements.

We then place your house in front of numerous buyers, establish it on the Washington State MLS, new listings sheets, local real estate publications in Spokane, private REALTOR® publications, and a yard sign accompanied by customized flyers. Furthermore, our network of reliable real estate buyers and contacts will also get the chance to check out your listing. We will also use the Internet and our expertly optimized website to increase the visibility of your listing. With over 90% of buyers checking the internet first when searching for a house, that’s a fundamental aspect of marketing strategy you cannot afford to miss out on.

All in all, holding on to the burdensome property can be a terrible mistake. If you’re considering selling your Spokane house, we’re glad to make you a no-obligation offer now!



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