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Tuesday, November 22nd
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3216 N Hutchinson Rd, Millwood, WA 99212

Mary-Pat and I are beyond thankful for the many great friendships we’ve made both in and out of my real estate business. I’m also incredibly thankful that so many of you have referred your family, friends, and even strangers to me.

So, according to tradition, we would LOVE to give you a delicious, large, THANKSGIVING PIE made by “Mrs. Costco” (best pies ever!) as an expression of our appreciation for you.

Please complete and submit the form below and make your selection of one of the following pies: Apple, Pecan or Pumpkin. Then stop by my home on Tuesday, November 22nd, say hello, and we’ll happily hand you your pie to share with your family and friends!


Thanksgiving Pie RSVP



See you at 3216 N Hutchinson Rd, Millwood, WA 99212.  And Happy Thanksgiving!
Rich King